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Screwdriver is an open source build platform designed for Continuous Delivery.

Why Screwdriver?

We've built Screwdriver with easy configurability and isolation as security in mind.

Supported Integrations

We support an expanding list of source code services, execution engines, and databases so Screwdriver can work in your ecosystem.

Getting Started

Run the command below in your terminal to bring up a Screwdriver cluster locally.

python <(curl -L

This command will run a script that will create a Docker Compose file for you locally, complete with Oauth credentials using a generated JWT and a user-provided Oauth Client ID and secret. If you choose to do so, it will then Docker pull the Screwdriver API, UI, and log store images to bring up an entire Screwdriver instance locally for you to play with. All data written to a database will be stored in a /data directory. For more configuration details, see our SD-in-a-box documentation.

For setting up a production environment, take a look at our documentation for cluster management.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Python 2.7
  • Docker 1.12
  • Docker Compose 1.8.1

Our Amazing Team

Jithin Emmanuel


St. John Johnson

Galactic Hitchhiker

Tiffany Kyi

Turtle Addict

Dao Lam


Darren Matsumoto

Blue Shell Connoisseur

Peter Peterson

Javascript Jedi

Philip Scott

King of OC :^)

Jeremiah Wuenschel

Digital Plumber

Min Zhang

Not Max

Our experiences have inspired us to set out to build an intuitive, sophisticated tool to boost developer productivity. Other contributors include Noah Katzman, Reetika Rastogi, Joel Sequeira, Ian Fox, Nicolai Ferraris, Filbert Jahja, Jerry Zhang, and our friends from Yahoo Japan. The Screwdriver team is based in Sunnyvale, CA.